Phoenix AZ monsoon tree damage


Chip Off The Old Block was in the news again at the site of a Litchfield homeowner that had his 50ft tree fall through the roof of his home with the recent Arizona monsoon season in August. The Arizona monsoon season typically starts on June 15th to September 30th. During the monsoon season, Arizona has some of the most severe weather in the nation. In rare cases, a bad storm may cause a tornado to form including dust devils, high winds and flash flooding to occur.

This particular video is a 90 ton crane removing an Aleppo pine that had fallen with the 60-90mph winds. Chip Off The Old Block specializes in Phoenix tree service emergencies including tree removals and trimming with one of the quickest turn around times of the tree companies in the Valley.

We specialize in emergency storm clean ups and working hand in hand with restoration companies in the Valley with fully insured for all scopes of tree work and any size of tree.

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