December 3, 2012

Chip Off The Old Block

Dear Al:

I am so pleased with the results of the removal of a tree from my property this past week.  I was very impressed right at the start when your certified arborist, Jack Herndon, showed up neatly and professionally attired for the evaluation and consultation.  He devoted much time and care in reviewing my HOA list of over 60 approved trees from which to pick a replacement.  I was trying to stay away from pods, thorns, and trees that grew bigger than 10’ canopies, but there weren’t many on the list.  I was impressed with his vast knowledge of the features and care needs of trees.  He knew the pro’s and con’s and steered me away from any replacement that would cause the same grief as the nuisance tree I had.  That was priceless.  He patiently helped me with all my questions in the summer heat.  Not only did he help me that day, but he was willing to invest some of his time by phone and email several weeks later to help in identifying the names of trees I took pictures of within our community in my attempt to negotiate with the HOA.

During the several months it took to get the approval from the HOA, I was happy to not get any follow up calls from your staff in an attempt to get my business.  I was already facing enough pressure of my own.  Jack was also able to calm my concerns regarding the verbiage on the back of your invoice that clears your company of liability for any damage to underground utilities, by reminding me of Blue stake and reassured me there would be no damage in my particular situation.  He seemed so sincere, that I was able to relax.

When the removal team arrived last Friday, I was very impressed with the equipment they had.  Your team of several very cordial and professional workers comprised a sufficient number of men to complete the task so quickly, too!  The clean up was excellent, more than I expected, and I was relieved that I didn’t have to go out there to clean up after them.  When I noticed that a $75 credit for the evaluation promised by Jack was missing from the invoice, your worker smiled and said I could pay later with a check or credit card once I called to resolve the credit.  Within minutes of calling Irene, who was also very pleasant, she called back having confirmed the credit with Jack and I was happy to pay with my credit card on the spot.

Lastly, when Noe showed up the next morning to grind the stump, I was pleased to meet yet another courteous person.  I went outside and asked if he didn’t mind my watching him work when he said it would be better for my safety if I were not near the area.  I thought that was nice of him and I watched from inside my house through the window to learn how it’s done.  I was even more impressed how meticulously he cleaned the whole area such that no one could even know a tree had been there and the remains of the stump pieces were well hidden under my gravel as he raked everything in, to the best of his ability.

There is an opportunity for just two suggestions to achieve a totally perfect performance score of 110% and that relates to scheduling.  I suspect that your scheduling is done quite close to the actual day and time the crew starts, so it may have been easy to forget to provide me the advance notice I requested by the day before the crew was to arrive, especially when they showed up both times very early in the morning.  I had requested notification because I wanted to watch how a removal is done out of mere curiosity, but apparently someone forgot and I never was called.   I was home in my bedroom watching TV at 7 am planning to be dressed and waiting by 8 am just in case they came early, but did not hear the doorbell with my bedroom door closed. So although an attempt was made to let me know they were here at 7:30, not having called me the day before, I lost a much-anticipated opportunity to watch how a large tree gets removed and ground up.  I was so disappointed.

I again didn’t get a call Friday evening as to what time Saturday morning the grinding would take place.  I was not home most of Friday until late evening and had expected a message would be left.  So I set my alarm and was awake by 6:30 am Saturday.  However, never expecting such an early showing from the crew, I was still in bed awake when all of a sudden I heard loud clanging wondering who was making that noise and it occurred “oh no, that must be the grinder” and I flew out in my PJ’s & a jacket to check.  Sure enough Noe was unloading his equipment.  I was surprised that on a Saturday when many people who work and want to enjoy the opportunity to sleep late, Noe would have been scheduled to start even earlier than the day before, when most people are awake getting ready for work by 6:30.  I was concerned that my neighbors would have been annoyed.

So these last two points may on the surface appear very unimportant, but I wanted you to see the perspective from a customer’s point of view.  Nevertheless, I will rate you 100% because despite the lack of prior-day notification of crew arrival–especially if I am the first appointment of the day–the excellence in all other areas as stated, compensated for the shortfall.  Please extend my thanks to Jack and everyone who worked on my tree removal.  If you hadn’t already noticed, you have an excellent staff.  Thank you to all for a job well done.  I hope you appreciate your staff–both the office and the field workers–as much as I do.  The service was well worth the cost.


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah

God’s blessings to all!


******* *******

P. S.:  I selected your company based on customer feedback and quality of presentation of your website.


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