Phoenix tree heat stressWith record breaking temperatures in Phoenix, you can help your trees stay healthy by understanding heat stress on trees in Arizona. What is tree heat stress, how do you know your tree is stressed or if it has been affected by the heat yet? Heat stress on trees can cause trees to drop foliage, browning of leaves, leaf burn, thinning of canopy, limbs dying and in the worst case scenario the death of a tree.

We offer deep root feeding that can help heat stressed trees and only use organic products. Be rest assured that by using our deep root organic tree fertilization service, your trees will thank you and the results of the service is amazing. Another remedy for heat stress on trees is to water the tree more frequently, especially during the hotter periods and to water the trees in  the early morning or in the evening.

Our Phoenix deep root fertilization service is offered throughout Arizona and is reasonably priced.

We are the local leading tree service in Arizona and feel free to give us a call to set up a free estimate to have a look at your heat stressed trees from one of our certified Phoenix tree arborists today!

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