At Chip Off The Old Block we make it a point to eagerly strive to be simply the best, most honest, dependable full service Arizona tree care company around. Please read some of the ever growing list of our satisfied customers testimonials.


February 8, 2016

Dear Jack:

The crew was efficient, worked with no lost motion and left with excellent appearance of the property. It was clear they knew what they were doing and did it well. There is no question that should any further landscaping be needed, we will seek your organization first.


Richard W. Brusenback


February 9, 2016


These two guys can come to my house to work anytime.

They did a fantastic job.

I can’t say enough good things about them.

Thank you for your continued service.

Warmest Regards,

Michael & Deborah Brewer


November 12, 2015

Another great job by Chip Off the Old Block, formerly Al’s Tree Service!

Al’s previously removed a mature tree for us. Another time they thinned and shaped three huge pine trees – a professional and aesthetically pleasing job.

This time we had a 50 foot tree that needed removal. Chip Off the Old Block’s crew had the tree removed and the area cleaned up within a short time.

We were glad to do business with this tree service again as they do excellent work.

Janed B



September 24, 2014

I received a call from this company one day, used to be called Al’s tree and yard service, and they were following up on previous customers wondering if I needed to have my trees and bushes trimmed. In fact I did, because I had contacted two other companies, arranged for estimates and then they never showed up. Chip Off the Old Block gave me a time and date they would be here and they were on time! They gave a very reasonable estimate and finished the work shortly after. Quick, clean and efficient Will use them again.

Rylee S.


May 5, 2014

Looks Beautiful!

I used your service last year and thought I’d try it again . I got a very good quote on the price and the work was done in about an hour. Your workers are fast, polite and do such great work! I’ll be calling you again when I’m needing more done. Please tell the guys that I’m very very happy with my yard.


Phoenix, Az.


May 4, 2013

Very Pleased!

I was very pleased with the work done by Chip Off the Old Block. The crew made sure to check with me and ensure my satisfaction on each tree they trimmed. The work was professional and prompt. What stood out about the crew was the cleanup effort. As a customer, it was nice to not have to clean up tree debris that was left behind. The crew used a blower to get up all the debris in and around my yard and that really left things looking nice. The crew was friendly and respectful. I highly recommend Chip Off the Old Block for any tree needs!!

Hope Baker


April 2, 2013


To whom it may concern:

My husband was the hard one to please, and he had said time and again, that he was very impressed, not only in the efficiency that the tree was removed, (I planted it way back in 1976), But how it was TOTALLY removed, we had no residual branches to clean, no reappearing tree parts. It was a good job. Price wise it was a good job done for a fair price. I would be happy to recommend the company at any time.

Shirley Buchanan


3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Margaret LesPerance says:

    Ok, I’m excited about tree trimming. I want people to know my story. I had a large pine that was getting very dangerous and needed to be cut down soon before it came down on it’s own and took out my and my neighbors garages. I also had some other trees that needed tending to. After 4 estimates from different companies and because of my very limited income and physical handicaps, I had to go with the most reasonable. I am so very happy that I did. My neighborhood is an old historic one, and our trees are mostly large and established. My neighbors Silk Oak had already let loose a branch onto my garage roof, I watched his people take out his tree, it took them 4 days and there was a lot of damage done to his property and my fence. Being the most reasonable, I chose to go with Chip Off The Old Block. Jack, the man that gave me the estimate was a very pleasant, understanding and polite man. Everyone showed up when promised. It took that fantastic crew of 4 about 3 hours to take down a pine of about 80 ft. knuckle a very large branchy Chinaberry, and trim up a 60 ft. California Palm. Even with me on my scooter getting in the way at times. I hated to see that Pine go, my daughter had asked for it one Christmas when she was 8 yrs. old. (She’s over 40 now.) The crew were all so nice and so very efficient. They never even bumped the close wires or dropped anything where they shouldn’t have. They were worried about the safety of that gnarled pine, but they did it with me praying for the one trimmer most of the time. Watching them work so quickly and efficiently compared with the company my neighbor used was a difference of day and night. You could tell these people KNEW what they were doing. They even gave me the pieces and pinecones I asked for. I LOVE this company, I’m so happy I held on to the flyer in the mail. They are my tree people for life and I recommend them to EVERYONE!

  2. Gary Tomczak says:

    These folks were totally awesome. The estimate was realistic, the team arrived promptly and completely cleaned the site before leaving the property. HIGHLY recommend these folks to anyone in search of tree removal in particular. Thanks

  3. Kim Lowhorn says:

    I called in August with a concern about my Sumac that lost all its leaves and looked almost dead. They were able to send Pete out the very next day. Pete was very knowledgeable and took the time to teach me about my trees. He also gave me hope that they might be able to save the Sumac. Its a beautiful tree and I hate to lose it. He inspected it and explained all the issues that were causing the problems, gave me instructions on how to care for it to give it the best chance for survival. He examined my mulberry which to an untrained eye looks healthy but he showed me fungus and signs of deficiencies. He suggested treatment for both and we scheduled it for the next day. Noe came out to deep feed and treat for pests the next morning and did a wonderful job. He explained what he was doing and that I didn’t need to worry about my dogs near the area since it was all organic which eased my mind. Both Pete and Noe were extremely professional, explained everything in detail and were a pleasure to deal with. They both had wonderful personalities and cared as much about my trees as I do. These guys were AWESOME! It’s November now and my Sumac is green and healthy again and needing a trim thanks to both Pete and Noe you guys are the best!!! I’ll be calling you back to trim both soon.

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