Ficus tree frost damageChip Off The Old Block specializes in tree frost damage repair and deep root feeding to counter the damage that has occurred during these unusual cold spells over the last few weeks and is offering a 10% discount for any tree frost damage service or a 15% discount on deep root feeding service*. Tree frost damage that typically occurs is browning of the tree limbs and bushes and neglecting the damage that happened can also have a negative effect on healthy tree and bush growth.

We recommend being proactive to tree frost damage by scheduling a free tree frost damage estimate and using one of our popular tree frost damage services to include proper tree trimming, pruning and deep root feeding. The quote is absolutely free and you can be rest assured that you are working with the leading tree service in Phoenix with a satisfaction guarantee.

Call us for a no obligation free tree service quote. To qualify for the 10% or 15% discounts, customer must mention “Winter Discount” when scheduling the work on the phone.

Chip Off The Old Block
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