There are a few reasons why you should only let the professionals trim your trees. One of the main reasons is WE KNOW your trees needs. Many times before, landscapers and “that guy in the truck” have left a mess that leaves the trees in bad shape and not to mention the eye sore. Afterward to clean it up takes even more time and more money. Most of the time it cost more money in the long run its more of a time consuming headache. It may even cause further damage in the future because of the improper trimming. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR TREES!!!!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Call us today for a free estimate!!!




Lets make sure your trees don’t end up like this.


2 Responses to Why only professionals should trim your trees

  1. I am needing an estimate on trimming some Sissoo Trees at my house where I have a friend living and renting it from me. I have 1 sissoo tree I was told was a female because it grows like a weeping willow. I was wonder if they can be shaped over a few years to resemble the other trees near it. I also have a mulberry that was hacked last year just to control it. Can you give me an idea on this one tree? this is my issue, Thanks. Douglas

    • admin says:

      hey Doug, Unfortunately without seeing the property i can not give you an idea of the price. We can shape and manipulate trees inly to a certIN EXTENT THOUGH. CALL US AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE ESTIMATE

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